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In the Windows world, there is CP1252, or ISO-8859-1, whereas Linux users tend to favour UTF-8. Java uses UTF-16 natively. One sequence of byte values for a character in one encoding might stand for a completely different character in another encoding, or might even be invalid.

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GBK (character encoding)
The areas indicated in the previous section as GBK/1 and GBK/2, taken by themselves, is simply GB2312-80 in its usual encoding, GBK/1 being the non-hanzi region and GBK/2 the hanzi region. GB2312, or more properly the EUC-CN encoding thereof, takes a pair of bytes from the range A1 – FE , like any 94² ISO-2022 character set loaded into GR.
Code page
Code page 1252 is built on ISO 8859-1 but uses the range 0x80-0x9F for extra printable characters rather than the C1 control codes from ISO 6429 mentioned by ISO 8859-1. Some of the others are based in part on other parts of ISO 8859 but often rearranged to make them closer to 1252.

Eine Übersicht über ASCII, ISO 8859, ANSI, Unicode und …

Der Zeichensatz basiert auf ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1, Westeuropäisch), weicht aber im Bereich 80 (128) – 9F (159) von dieser ab. Statt des nicht definierten Bereiches für Steuerzeichen, beinhalten diese 32 Positionen hier 27 darstellbare Zeichen, u. a. die in