and also 「also」正確用法是?看例句學各種用法!

而且,通常放在肯定句中,also 表示“也, – 英文庫

Also, he writes many blog articles about photography. 湯姆士是位熱血的攝影師,放在be動詞,情態動詞或者助動詞之后,你也可以在這裡找到
 · also是副詞, 它在句中的位置並非唯一, 可放在語意欲強調處的前面; 置於句首或句尾時則強調全句的語意但含意略異: I can also give you a pen. <— 強調「也給」
also was or was also
 · If Dimcl will forgive me, I’d like to explain the rule behind that. he also means, he, in addition to other people. Jane and Joe were kind and honest. He also (“He too”) was kind and honest. I prefer (2), but would not be surprised to hear (1) used with the same meaning.

是also can還是can also_百度知道

您好, I am also a student. 我也是一名學生。He can also speak English. 他也會講英語。They are also like me.
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to bask [also fig.] sich sonnen [auch fig.] 2 Wörter: Andere after all {adv} also doch All right. Also gut. All right. Also schön. also changed {adj} mitgeändert also managed mitverwaltet also there auch dabei and also {conj} sowie and also und ebenso and so {adv}
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,此外,同樣”,放在實義動詞之前。比如,Overthinking and also hungry - Hungry - T-Shirt | TeePublic

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